Thursday, 9 February 2012

The greatest Twitter conversation in the world

The following conversation took place on Twitter following the resignation of Fabio Capello as England manager on Wednesday, February 8, 2012. It featured myself, two friends and former colleagues, David Pritchard and Tom Howard, Radio Kent commentator and Borussia Dortmund enthusiast Matt Gerrard, Maidstone United secretary Darren Lovell and -briefly - Ebbsfleet United webmaster Ed Miller.

Its content has remained private - until now.

DP: Interesting to see possible Capello replacements trending. Hate to burst any bubbles but I don't think Fiona Bruce has done her Pro Licence.

MG: Bruce is old school we need a fresh look at it Susanna Reid all the way.

Bold. Think Bill Turnbull would make a decent assistant.

Perfect good cop bad cop pairing.

ST: No way. Turnbull's a mug. Need the experience of Peter Sissons

That's naive, everyone knows Sissons can't cut it on the biggest stage. Wark?

Don't want to go down the foreign route again, Paxman believes he is the special one but all hot air.

TH: Paxman good shout how about Trev MacDonald. Experienced.

Newsnight will never release Paxo. Not enough black managers. T-Mac maybe, or Mike Wedderburn

Jon Snow/Kate Silverton, double act to rival Lagerback/Soderberg

Couldn't agree more Steve, it all about T Mac.

Forgot about Huw Edwards he reminds me of Neil Cugley.

I know someone who used to be married to Jan Leeming she will add some 1970's flair.

Nice idea but I know for a fact Edwards is lined up as Coleman's 'keeper coach at Wales.

Yeah, Edwards seems too obvious. George Alagiah as caretaker for the Euros?

What about T Mac assisted by Moira Stewart playing a Hope Powell style role.

Huw would have split loyalties. Strikes me as a more of an egg chaser.

Backward step for Stuart leaving Chris Evans in my opinion.

Moira's got too much previous. Remember her cocaine shame in Extras

EM: Is Kenneth Kendall still alive? He'd add some old-school Walter Winterbottom-style gravitas.

Let's face it, if the Dimbleby boys are available they should get their shot. Finally.

Dimbleby's = Game over.

Couldn't agree more, Stewart's settled there. No sense in gambling at her age.

Maybe we have to bite the bullet and pay Kaplinsky the big money

Cocaine shame? Well there is always a drug test and maybe a medical for Stewart.

Kaplinsky it is.

DL: What about a Holmes/Beltrao combo!

Can't see the FA paying much after Capello. Budget options would include Gration, Dinenage, Stayt

Holmes/Beltrao = Hume/Walker

Too many United players in the team though with Holmes.

Dimbleby's will always be told not as good as their father by the press.

This is tremendous stuff.

True about Holmes but Beltrao could bring Brazilian/Portuguese flair

This debate was fine until you mentioned H&W Far too many skeletons!

Mike Debens with Ron Lobek in the Phil Neal role.

Time for Rob Smith to leave Polly Evans behind and make the step up?

Oh Steve what have you done.

Ron Lobek what a shout. What is he up to these days?

Nick Collins (Meridian era) & Matt Davison!

Collins knows the ropes, to be fair. Pitchside reports all over Europe

Smith would be risky. Would need someone like Buerk in the Tord Grip role.

I'm rulling out Geoff Clark after his old age shot at the BBC.

Rocket Ron lives with Dinage reliving the glory days of swept over hair.

Amazed at no mention of Richard Baker/Robert Dougal 70s revival

Double-act too expensive. Fans would welcome Dermot Murnaghan

Rocket Ron for England.

Robert Peston was in Roger Lemerre's backroom staff at Euro 2000

I'll accept Murnaghan if he's teamed up with Selina Scott

Can Selina cut it at an International level?

Big money move to BSB failed so I would say that will rule her out.

Prefer Jeremy Vine as DM assistant, Eggheads means they're on the same wavelength

If you take Vine then you have to consider the Ken Bruce effect.

May be worth factoring in the weather factor. Rob McElwee's a top man manager.

McElwee ahead of Matt Taylor? Are you insane?

Do I dare mention Kaddy Lee Preston or would Fred Atkins kill me?

Obviously Michael Fish is a man for a dodgy situation. Fish/Lobeck combo

Lobek has to be involved in the set up, absolute legend.

Taylor ruled himself out on Facebook an hour ago.

That's a 'come and get me' plea. He should at least get the Holland game

Dan Corbett all the way his communication skills top class and good banter with lads.

This is where I log off. Outstanding work chaps.

This is quite a list the FA are going to have a headache.

don't forget that the FA have the right to vote for "none of the above."

True. They have to act fast though - before tomorrow's 10 o'clock News

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