Thursday 9 February 2012


I'm quite enjoying this twinterview lark. There are plenty of good questions which you can't really ask footballers as part of newspaper articles, because they just wouldn't add any value in that particular sphere. However, I'm now a free agent, so I'm going rogue and throwing in a few curve-balls.

Dartford's Ryan Hayes is one of those players you can't afford to take your eyes off, either as a defender or a reporter. He's got a left foot which could open a tin of beans and he's a real weapon in Tony Burman's arsenal.

Woking looked like they had Conference South sewn up a few weeks ago, but the Darts are summoning the spirit of the 1995/96 Man Utd side which swallowed up Newcastle's 12-point lead to win the Premiership. Who knows, this season could yet yield an interview with Garry Hill telling BBC Surrey "they've still got to go to Truro and get something."

I didn't just throw Ryno the big question straight away, though. One tweet and we were off...

Who's the best football pundit on TV or radio?

Roy Keane or Gary Neville

What would you think about introducing a winter break for football?

Would love it! Should happen - most other leagues have one.

Why do you think we haven't followed the lead of other countries?

Not sure, but hope it happens soon.

Best played you've played with? And against?

I've played with some really good players, Charlie Sheringham was a quality footballer, also Elliot Bradbrook this year has been unreal so far. Against? Not sure, [Adel] Taarabt in pre-season one year, he was untouchable.

I think I've found that game - against a Spurs side in 2007 [Dartford lost 7-2].

Yeah, they were young but very good. [Jamie] O'Hara played, Taarabt, [Jake] Livermore, very good team! In non league football no-one has ever stood out massively.

Have you got any pre or post-match rituals?

No not really! I do always put left boot on first though.

Same. If you could play for any team past or present, club or country, who would it be?


Present day or one from the past?

Love to play for them now, they're flying, but team that won championship [in 2000] was good.

I reckon Curbs could have found room for you.

Was hoping Powelly would.

Most entertaining person you follow on Twitter?

Joey Barton probably - he just don't hold back.

Yeah, he's good value. Are Dartford going to catch Woking or smash the play-offs?

Hoping to catch Woking! If not then deffo play-offs, we know we're good enough to go up, just maintaining the run we're on.

What's the best game you've played in?

Kingstonian away to win Ryman Prem. They were second, we were top, if we won we'd won the league, we smashed them up 6-2, I got two.

Not strictly football but I see you've got a wedding coming up (congrats). Have you got stuck into the prep or left it to the missus?

To be honest I ain't got involved at all, Mrs has been brilliant so far

That's a touch. To finish - you've got one tweet to tell the world about Dartford Football Club. Go...

It's a great place to play when you're playing well and we have a great team right now!

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